El Refugio de los Insomnes

October 25, 2017admin
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A unique friendship develops among a man who suffers from insomnia, an aspiring photographer and a woman who is unsure about her pregnancy. They convene each evening in a local market where the comedic behavior of the late-night customers distracts them from each of their own issues.

  • Production Co.   Cuadrupedo Films
  • Director:     Joseduardo Giordano/Sergio Goyri Jr.
  • Writer:     Joseduardo Giordano/Sergio Goyri Jr.
  • Producer:     Issa Guerra/Larisa Arguero/Joseduardo Giordano/Sergio Goyri Jr.
  • Stars:     Alejandra Ambrosi/Casandra Ciangherotti/Leonardo Ortizgris
  • DOP:      Iván Vilchis Ibarra
  • Postproducer:     Marco Rodríguez
  • Colorist:     Isaac Molina
  • DIT:     Marco Rodríguez/Eduardo Ceccaldi
  • Realize Date:     2018
  • Country:    México
  • Language:     Spanish
  • RunTime:    80 min
  • Sound Mix:      5.1 
  • Aspect Ratio:    1.85:1
  • Camer:     Sony F55
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