Como Cortar a tu Patan

September 15, 2017admin
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  • This comedy takes its cue from such female-centered films as “Bridesmaids” and “Trainwreck.” Pic centers on a woman who makes a living from breaking up couples and decides to take on the task of splitting up her sister’s relationship with her jerk of a boyfriend.

  • Production Co.   Traziende Films/Videocine
  • Director:     Gabriela Tagliavini
  • Writer:     Ricardo Álvarez Canales
  • Producer:     Leonardo Zimbron/Monica Vargas
  • Stars:     Mariana Treviño/Camila Sodi/Christopher Von Uckerman/Sebastian Zurita
  • DOP:      Fido
  • Postproducer:     Carlos Morales/Vanessa Hernández
  • Colorist:     Fernando Medellin
  • DIT:     Marco Rodríguez/Oswaldo Lorenzana
  • Realize Date:     13 Oct 2016
  • Country:    México
  • Language:     Spanish
  • RunTime:    100 min
  • Sound Mix:      5.1 
  • Aspect Ratio:    1.85:1
  • Camer:     Alexa Studio
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